Comprehensive GMAT Critical Reasoning Course

The most comprehensive GMAT Critical Reasoning Course

  • Are you confused between the last 2 options on GMAT CR?
  • Do you end up not knowing what is "out of scope" on CR?
  • Are Bold-faced questions a nightmare to solve on the GMAT?
  • Is finding the assumption based on a hit-or-miss technique?

If you answered with a "YES" to any of the questions above it is because you have been looking at CR in the wrong way!

You may be very analytical in our approach to things in daily life. Maybe your job predominantly involves you critically analysing data. However, you will realise the on the GMAT the CR is designed to trip you over. Hence, it is important that you cultivate a healthy dose of both objective analysis and subjective interpretation of data - perhaps the most difficult tightrope walk on the GMAT.

This course has the same structure and methods that are covered in our classroom coaching sessions. It is tailored to ensure that you do not fall for the standard traps that GMAT sets for you.

In this course you will learn the following question types:

  • Find the Assumptions
  • Strengthen the Argument
  • Weaken the Argument
  • Evaluate the Argument
  • Find the Flaw in the Argument
  • Find the Logical Conclusion
  • Resolve the Paradox / Problem
  • Boldfaced Questions

Your Instructor

Arun Jagannathan
Arun Jagannathan

Considered one of the leading GMAT experts in the world, Arun brings with him over a decade of experience teaching various aspects of the GMAT. As a 99th %ile scorer himself he understands what it takes to crack the test - the concepts, the techniques, and the strategies.

Course Curriculum

GURPREET : GMAT 770 - Every concept was made crystal clear in class! I never felt the need to read any other book after attending CrackVerbal's classes. I would like to thank Crack Verbal for its excellent classroom experience as well as its full-proof student support system. IMO, the study schedule/plan provided by CrackVerbal is more than enough to crack this exam!!

APURV MANJREKAR: GMAT 760 - The verbal classes at CrackVerbal are really awesome. I dont remember picking up the book and ever reading any rules after their classes. They were just etched in my mind. I would like to thank the CrackVerbal faculty and the academic team from the prep front. The support team was awesome and never left me complaining about anything. Read about his GMAT journey in detail here. Follow Apurv on LinkedIn.

KAUSHAL VYAS GMAT 750 - SAID BUSINESS SCHOOL - My goal was to get 750+ in my second attempt at GMAT on 29th Dec 2012. I scored 760(Q50 V41). I am thankful to the CrackVerbal team for being an integral part of my preparation. Arun is the Gandalf for all us Frodos out there ! Read more about Kaushal's GMAT journey here. Follow Kaushal on LinkedIn.


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